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Welcome to OREGON!!! 


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We have some NEW and FUN activities planned, as well as educational seminars, and health exams.  Please be sure to visit all of the areas under this tab:  EVENTS, SEMINARS (& HEALTH exams), and COMPETITION INFORMATION.  You won’t want to miss a thing!

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Fun Facts about Oregon and the Hazelnut where we are “Nuts Over Spinone” !!!

  • The hazelnut became Oregon’s official State Nut in 1989.
  • About 1,000 Oregon farm families grow hazelnuts on 87,000 acres.
  • The total value growers received for their hazelnut crop has averaged nearly $70 million during the last five years. This translates into a total economic impact of more than $150 million in Oregon.
  • Hazelnut trees can produce until over 100 years of age.
  • The hazelnut is unique in that it blooms and pollinates in the middle of winter. Wind carries the pollen from yellow catkins to a tiny red flower, where it stays dormant until June, when the nut begins to form.
  • The nuts mature during the summer months, turning from green to shades of hazel nestled in a protective husk, and are harvested in late September or October after they have fallen to the ground.
  • In 1858, the first cultured hazelnut tree was planted in Oregon by retired Hudson’s Bay Company employee, Sam Strictland in Scottsburg.
  • In 1903, George Dorris of Springfield started the first commercial orchard with more than 200 Barcelona hazelnut trees. Barcelona is the most prominent variety grown in Oregon today. The Dorris Ranch is now a living history filbert farm with thousands of visitors annually.


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