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The Spinone Club of America needs your help

to make the 202One Auction a huge success!

National Specialty Auction Donation Form

The 202One Specialty week will be here before we know it, and with all the committees working hard to make the entire event a success, including the Auction committee, we need your help.  We want this Auction to be a lively and entertaining night, but we need your support and help to make this happen.  We are in need of donations from any and all members, friends, and fanciers of Spinoni to be auctioned off at the Specialty.  Items do not need to be Spinone themed, although these items are always popular and tend to bring in the highest bids. 

Other well received items are unusual or unique art pieces.  Or perhaps you know someone who does quilting, embroidery, painting, metal work?  A donation can result in future sales for them!  Do you do business with someone who could donate an item?  State themed baskets are always a fun idea, so consider getting together with others from your area and putting together a basket of local and regional goodies.  Not sure what to get – gift certificates to national chain stores or popular online stores make it possible for the winner to select what they need or want. The possibilities are endless.

Large items will be auctioned individually, either in our live auction or as part of the silent auction.  Smaller items are welcomed too!  They may be paired with other like items to make up a themed basket or used in a bag raffle.

As you may know, the auction is the primary fundraising event.  We ask for support from all Spinone fanciers, friends, families, and businesses.  We have great auctioneers lined up who will make this a fun and lively auction, but they can’t do it without your donations!

One note for prospective bidders:  Don’t forget your checkbook!  Cash is always welcome as acceptable payment, and we happily accept credit cards!

All auction items should be shipped to Bob Steele, 2830 Sussex Avenue, Pittsburgh, PA  15226, before September 8, 2021, or can be brought with you to the Specialty.  Please clearly mark the outside of the box with “Specialty Auction”, and make sure you fill out an Auction Donation form and forward it to Laura Penfold ([email protected]). If you are donating a basket, please list (to the extent possible) the items in the basket. Doing so will help people know exactly what they are bidding on. Let us know if you will be sending or bringing your item(s).  Laura Penfold and Bob Steele can also help answer any questions you may have regarding the auction.  Feel free to phone Laura at (845) 339-1671 or Bob at (412) 523-0613.

Thank you, in advance, for your help!


Pre-order Deadline is April 22, 2020

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