2022 Events


Top 20 Competition (Informal judging – please read further for our new format!)


This event showcases the 2021 Spinoni Italiano who are ranked as #1 through #20 by breed points, as determined by AKC statistics from January 1 through December 31, 2021.  Entry is by invitation only.


Dogs will be judged by a three-judge panel:  a breeder judge, a judge licensed to judge the Spinone Italiano, and a handler judge.  The identity of these judges will be announced at the beginning of judging.  Each judge will evaluate the dogs on a predetermined point system, enumerating the criteria of our breed standard.  The emphasis for judging is on the individual qualities of the dog and how closely he/she conforms to the breed standard.  Dogs will be evaluated by each judge and given numerical values regarding various aspects of their conformation.

In response to a variety of requests and viewpoints regarding the “Top 20” by our members, we are providing this event in a slightly different format than in the past.  Participating dogs will be judged early in the day in an informal setting.  Scores will be tabulated following the judging, and dogs and handlers will be dismissed.  Everyone is welcome to observe the judging or participate in other opportunities. 

Top 20 Celebration and Winner Announcement

Top 20 NOHS (Owner Handler) Recognition and Celebration

Following dinner will be an exhibition recognizing and celebrating the NOHS (National Owner Handler Series) Top 20 ranked dogs, as tabulated by Breed points as of 12/31/2021 by the AKC.  Dogs and owners will be brought into the show ring and will be recognized and awarded Rosettes. 

Following recognition of the NOHS dogs, the “Top 20” ranked dogs from today’s earlier competition will be presented in the show ring and awarded rosettes, after which the Winner of the Top 20 judging from earlier in the day will be announced.

NOTE: In concert with the SCOA Board, this event will be participation driven.  A minimum of 10 of the Top 20 eligible dogs must be present to move forward with the competition portion of this event.  The evening exhibition and celebration of both the NOHS Top 20 and the Top 20 will move forward regardless of participation numbers.


Spinone Olympics 

Always a Highlight of our National Specialty Event Week  -  Please join us for some good fun, friendly competition, and a few laughs!  The 2021 Spinone Olympic Games will kick off the week of events on Monday May 16th.  Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate.  There will be plenty of room for those wishing to watch and cheer on the Olympians. 


Spinone Ninja Warrior* New Event!!

Come join us for a fun and rollicking “obstacle” course that requires no training, just a little bit of thinking and a whole lot of fun!  A timed course with silly stuff to do and friendly competition.  There will be puppy and adult categories so all ages are welcome.  Part of the “something for everyone” event that is the 2022 National!


Welcome Party!

Please join us for drinks and appetizers hosted (limited bar) by The West Coast Spinone Club – It’s time to have some FUN!!! 


Titleholders Extravaganza* New Event!!...  And  Costume Contest!

Spinone Enthusiasts and SCOA Members we are LISTENING!!!  YOU have worked HARD with your dog(s)!!  Your Teams have earned all kinds of Titles – from CGC to MH – and YOU deserve your moment of FAME!  We are combining our Beloved Costume Contest with a NEW Titleholders Extravaganza!  ANY dog with ANY title on the front or the back of its name, is eligible to join us for a fun Celebration of your accomplishments.  What?  You don’t have a title on your dog?  You can STILL join us as a part of the Costume Contest!  (You don’t need a title, but you DO need a costume for this part…) 

Here’s how it works:  This is a non-competitive Celebration of ALL dogs with ANY titles!  You and your dog will be allowed 25 seconds of FAME!  The event will take place in the show ring and you and your dog will have command of that ring to demonstrate tricks, show off a fun costume, or just run around the ring because you CAN!  While this is happening, music will be playing that is chosen by YOU to represent your dog, a theme, your costume, whatever you like.  For example, if your dog is named “Rocky” you may want to play “Gonna Fly Now” (the theme from the movie ‘Rocky’) while you and your dog strut your stuff in boxing shorts and gloves … YOU can dress up along with your dog and make a complete, utter spectacle of yourself!  Your dog’s name, complete with titles and accomplishments, will be announced as you enter the ring and then it’s all yours!  If you want to be in the Costume Contest – the same thing applies – you choose the music and the costume and you have an audience to appreciate all of the time and effort you put into looking silly!  Dogs will be welcome ringside and, in the audience, so you can hop up for your 25 seconds of fame, then sit back, relax, and enjoy a beverage while you cheer on your fellow celebrities!  We hope that all of you very clever titleholders will find a fun theme and dress accordingly – it’s your choice to be in costume or not.  For those who are hoping for a new or added title of “Costume Contest Winner,” at the end of the line-up we will ask the costumed contestants to come back in and we will pass out ballots – this will be a People’s Choice Award!  The winner will receive a prize that is the envy of all your Oscar Winning Friends!!!

To participate in the Titleholders Extravaganza and/or Costume Contest:  Please provide the title/artist of the music you have chosen; your dog’s/dogs’ name(s); and the write-up regarding what you would like to be said about your dog(s).  You can do this for multiple dogs at once, or one dog at a time, each being a separate piece of music and time frame.  In your information: Please include any/all titles and whatever else you want to share.  Remember you have 25 seconds so please keep your narrative “doable” within that time frame.  You can just provide your dog’s name and titles if you wish, or whatever you want to do.  Talk about your costume, bring in friends and multiple dogs for your ‘moment in the spotlight’ … whatever you want to do as long as it works in a show ring setting… (do be sensible but not too sensible…)  Send your info to: Sue Acquistapace at [email protected] to sign up to participate in the Titleholders Extravaganza, Costume Contest, or both!  And/or if you have any questions.  It’s time to put your creative thinking caps on and come up with some really fun ideas!  Deadline to sign up is April 16, 2022.


Pee Wee Special Attraction


The Pee Wee Special Attraction is a pre-Junior Showmanship class. The Pee Wee class is geared toward children 5–9 years of age. Children younger than five cannot participate in the Pee Wee Class Special Attraction. The safety of the children is a primary concern.  Please indicate on the NS Registration Form that you will have a Pee Wee by checking the appropriate box on the form.  Questions?  Contact the show committee at [email protected]


  • CGC/Trick Dog/TDI (Therapy Dog) Testing

Please Note: Early Sign-Up for the “on-the-day” events is appreciated in order to facilitate planning.  Your consideration is appreciated.  CGC/TRICK DOG/TDI (Therapy Dog) testing has limited capacity and will be closed when limits are reached.  Early sign-up is recommended.  Please check the box on the Registration Form if you plan to test your dog in any one of these areas, and please contact Evan Emmons at [email protected] to reserve your test spot.


Veterans Parade                                            

The 2022 Parade of Veterans will honor the veteran Spinoni who have brought credit to the breed in the field, show, rally, obedience, agility, therapy, or other performance areas, and, most importantly, as a treasured companion.  All Spinoni 7 years of age and older may participate.

For each veteran walking in the parade, please furnish a brief paragraph (100 words maximum; any more will need to be deleted) about why they are so very special. This will be read as each dog enters the ring.  Also, please include the full name of the dog, the call name, the age of the dog (date of birth), parents (if known), breeder (if known), and 3 or 4 favorite pictures.

IN ADDITION, FOR THOSE VETERANS WHO ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND: a brief slideshow will be developed and showcased before the parade, honoring those Spinoni who continue to make a difference but did not travel to the National.  Please provide 3 or 4 pictures of your veteran throughout the years, including the dog’s full name and call name, age or date of birth, and the owner’s name. 

Please email your information and pictures to Becky Tevis at [email protected], no later than April 1, 2022. You will receive an email response to confirm receipt of your information and pictures.



The 2022 National Specialty is just around the corner and the Auction Committee needs your help to make this the event of the year! 

We’re all Nuts over our wonderful Spinoni and every committee is working hard to collaborate and bring you a National that will warm hearts with fun and friendship, make tails wag and create lasting memories. It takes a community to create a great event and the Auction and Silent Auction are the main fundraiser for our National. The auctions provide an opportunity for our extended Spinone community to get involved.  We invite your contributions of items and/or money to make our event something truly special.

We ask support for both from all Spinone fanciers, friends, family, associates, and businesses, to have some fun and donate – imaginative items are welcome! 

Items do not need to be Spinone specific, although these are always popular and tend to bring in the highest bids. State-themed baskets are very popular as well as they can provide a diverse array of goodies to show off your state. Other theme ideas for baskets are hunting, conformation, obedience, grooming, and puppy – but don't let our themes limit your imagination for baskets or other auction items. 

Do you know an artist who would donate an art piece? Everyone could use a cool Spinone themed nutcracker!  What about a friend who does quilts, crochets, knits or embroiders? Painters? Sculptors? Cartoonists? How about a local dog fancier or business that would be willing to help out? 

Do you run a Bed and Breakfast or have friends who do and may want to donate a weekend or week stay? Any tour guides who raft or kayak? Truly, the possibilities are endless! 


🍷🍷Back by Popular Demand!! THE WINE RAFFLE! 🍷🍷

I am bringing wine from WA State and am asking each member to bring a bottle of wine that is locally produced within your State to the 2022 National.  We will collect all the bottles and hold a raffle; the winning ticket will win ALL THE WINE!  So, leave space in the trunk, truck, camper, or RV....because one lucky winner will hit the vino jackpot!  More info on the Wine Raffle will be forthcoming so keep a lookout.

We have great auctioneers lined up who will make this a fun and lively auction, but they can’t do it without your donations, and we really, really, REALLY would appreciate your support! 

All items can be shipped to Christine Cameron: 37945 Golden Valley Dr., Lebanon, OR 97355-9406, to arrive by May 5th, 2022.

The Best Western Premier Boulder Falls Inn will also accept packages but ONLY for the week prior to the auction (May 9th is the first day they will accept parcels). Hand carried items may be brought to the hotel up until May 17th. NOTE: Please be certain to mark the outside of the box: ATTN: SCOA/AUCTION 

Best Western Premier Boulder Falls Inn

505 Mullins Drive

Lebanon, Oregon, 97355



If you wish to submit an item, please contact:  Erika Callahan Hayes: [email protected] OR call or text (818) 468-7720

She would be delighted to answer any questions as well as help coordinate themed baskets. 


Thank You again for Your Support!  

Your 2022 National Specialty Auction Committee


Pre-order Deadline to be picked up at the NS is April 15, 2022

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