2023 Events


Top 20 Competition 


Formals and Feathers Top 20 

The Annual Top 20 extravaganza including Top 20 in breed points and NOHS Top 20 in Owner Handled points will be May 23 at 4:00pm. There will be an auction so bring your wallets and get you paddles. New this year will be People’s Choice and you can put your votes in. There will be a cash bar and hors d’oeuvre dinner after judging that can be purchased ahead of time.  

NOHS will be a Celebration with each dog picking individual music for their entrance and will be presented their ribbons and gift. Top 20 will be judged with 3 surprise judges and score sheets will be tallied. All participants will enter the ring to individual music of their choosing before the announcement of People’s Choice and the Top 20 winner. Come see all the glitz and glamor this event has to offer and cheer on all the contestants.  

3:30p - Briefing  

4:00p - Bar open

People's choice ticket sales $5 a vote up to 5 votes per person.  

Paddles free for auction  

NOHS Top 20 4-4:30 com into music and be presented with their ribbons  

Top 20 judging 4:30-6 

6:00p - hors d'oeuvres  

During eating we will do a small auction 

Tally judging and people's choice 

Top 20 dogs will make their entrance back in one at a time to 20 seconds of a song they choose. Then the announcement of People's choice and the Top 20 ultimate winner. 



$70 for Top 20  

$65 for NOHS 

If they are entered in both they will get a $10 discount  

This event showcases the 2022 Spinoni Italiano who are ranked as #1 through #20 by breed points, as determined by AKC statistics from January 1 through December 31, 2022.   

Entry is by invitation only

  Dogs will be judged by a three-judge panel:  a breeder judge, a licensed judge,  and a handler judge.  The identity of these judges will be announced at the beginning of judging.  Each judge will evaluate the dogs on a predetermined point system, enumerating the criteria of our breed standard.  The emphasis for judging is on the individual qualities of the dog and how closely he/she conforms to the breed standard.  Dogs will be evaluated by each judge and given numerical values regarding various aspects of their conformation. 

Scores will be tabulated following the judging.  

Top 20 Celebration and Winner Announcement 

Top 20 NOHS (Owner Handler) Recognition and Celebration 

At 4:00pm will be an exhibition recognizing and celebrating the NOHS (National Owner Handler Series) Top 20 ranked dogs, as tabulated by NOHS Breed points as of 12/31/2022 by the AKC.  Dogs and owners will enter into the show ring one at a time by a song of their choosing and will be recognized and awarded Rosettes and a gift.   

Following recognition of the NOHS dogs, the judges will be announced and the “Top 20” ranked dogs from 2022 will begin to enter the show ring 3 at a time to be judged. After the auction and tallying the participants will enter the ring one at a time to a song of their choosing. All dogs will receive a Rosette and gift then the  The Winner of People’s Choice and the Top 20 judging will be announced. 


WELCOME PARTY, Sanctioned B-Match, & Altered Match

Come join us on Monday, May 22, 2023 at the Spinone Club of America’s Welcome Party, Sanctioned B-Match and Altered (Neutered/Spayed) Match for a great time as we start off the national specialty week at The Holiday Inn - Weirton. Pre-register or entries may be taken onsite.

B-Match Judge Mrs. Patti Johnson ………………........ 7116 Hosler Road, Leo, IN 46765.

Altered Match Judge Mrs. Patti Johnson ………………7116 Hosler Road, Leo, IN 46765.




Intro to Reward-Based Positive Gun Dog Training

May 22, 2023


Holiday Inn Weirton (morning) & Mingo Sportsman’s Club (afternoon)


A special seminar with limited participation and requiring pre-payment 

Inga From, Founder of Positive Gun Dogs Minnesota (PGDM), CDBC, CPDT-KSA, specializes in sporting breed dogs and dog behavior.  She uses positive/motivational training techniques based on the LIMA (Least Invasive Minimally Aversive) principles.  This seminar will be beneficial for handlers who would like to train their dog as a hunting companion, or for the family dog that would love to learn field sports.  Field sports are for sporting breed dogs that want to do what they were bred for with or without hunting.  Inga will deliver a comprehensive, scientifically based training program that will produce an excellent field companion, without the use of force fetch training or e-collars.  This is a mixed level seminar.  Whether you are new to reward-based training for field dogs but already have a dog started in gun dog training or have a new puppy and want to get started in positive gun dog training this is for you. 

Working spots are limited to 12 teams (1 handler/1 dog) with a registration fee of $150 (good for SCOA members only until 5/3).  After that date the fee is $165 and the seminar will be open to non-members as well.  Audit registration (no dog) is also available for a fee of $25. 

Attendees are asked to sign the waiver of liability that is part of the entry form.




Parade of Veterans

The 2023 Parade of Veterans will honor the veteran Spinoni who have brought credit to the breed in the field, show, rally, obedience, agility, therapy, or other performance areas and, most importantly, as a treasured companion. All Spinoni 7 years of age and older may participate.

For each veteran walking in the parade, please furnish a brief paragraph (100 words maximum; any more will need to be deleted) about why they are so very special. This will be read as each dog enters the ring. Also, please include the full name of the dog, the call name, the age of the dog (date of birth), parents (if known), breeder (if known), and 3 or 4 favorite pictures.

IN ADDITION, FOR THOSE VETERANS WHO ARE UNABLE TO ATTEND: a brief slideshow will be developed and showcased before the parade, honoring those Spinoni who continue to make a difference but did not travel to the National. Please provide 3 or 4 pictures of your veteran throughout the years, including the dog’s full name and call name, age or date of birth, and the owner’s name.

Please email your information and pictures to Becky Tevis at [email protected], no later than April 1, 2023. You will receive an email response to confirm receipt of your information and pictures.




Rainbow Bridge

In the 2023 SCOA National Specialty catalog, we would like to honor Spinoni who passed away during the last year. There is no cost for this memorial tribute. Please provide your beloved pet’s registered name, call name, date of birth and date passed, your name, and a short one-line loving memory or sentiment. You may also include one picture that will be included in a video presentation. Please email your information to Becky Tevis at [email protected], no later than April 1, 2023. You will receive an email response to confirm receipt of your information and picture.




PeeWee Special Attraction

The Pee Wee Special Attraction is a pre-Junior Showmanship class. The PeeWee class is geared toward children 5–9 years of age. Children younger than five cannot participate in the Pee Wee Class Special Attraction. The safety of the children is a primary concern. Early sign-up is available through the standard registration at https://specialty.spinoneclubofamerica.com/Registration and entries will also be taken on-site.

For more information about this event, rules, etc. please see the following link: https://www.akc.org/sports/conformation/junior-showmanship/pee-wee-special-attraction-guidelines/




AKC Hunt Tests

The Spinone Club of America (“SCOA”) will have a double hunt test on Saturday, May 20, 2023, with Junior Hunter, Senior Hunter, Master Hunter, and Water Tests in both the morning and afternoon.

CLOSING DATE FOR AKC HUNT TESTS: 5:00PM EST Saturday, May 13, 2023




NAVHDA Hunt Test

The Buckeye NAVHDA Chapter will have a hunt test on Sunday, May 21, 2023, with NA, UPT, and UT available. Entry forms can be found at the NAVHDA site, along with test information.

Completed entry form and check (made out to SCOA) should be sent to Alyssa Pease, 1229 Shenandoah Rd, Alexandria, VA 22308.

For more information about the hunt tests, please contact Test Secretary Alyssa Pease at [email protected] or 703-765-5715.     



Spinone Costume Contest and Spinone Olympics

The Spinone Costume Contest and Spinone Olympics will be held on Thursday, May 26, 2023 in the afternoon. Always a highlight of our National Specialty Event Week! Please join us for some good fun, friendly competition, and a few laughs! Everyone is welcome and encouraged to participate. There will be plenty of room for those wishing to watch and cheer on the Olympians and the costumed participants!

For more information please contact Angela Matias at [email protected].



Health Testing

*IMPORTANT* – Bring a copy of your Dog’s AKC Registration Papers to fill out health forms.

Blood Draws Onsite: Thyroid/CBC/Titres/CHIC DNA Repository (cost depending on tests requested)

Cardiac, OFA eye tests available offsite by appointment, at BluePearl Pittsburgh Veterinary Specialty and Emergency Center.


412.366.3400 (call in advance to alert vet of emergency)

[email protected]

Emergency: 24/7

Specialty: By appointment




Breed Education Seminar: “The Spinone Italiano and Its Future”


Suzanne Hudson, Chair, SCOA Judge Education Committee

Everyone has a unique and strategic world view, and this affects how each of us evaluates a dog. Some will evaluate dogs according to their show wins or losses. Others will evaluate dogs according to their own eye and how they think the dogs demonstrate (or not) the AKC standard, and might dismiss any show record as completely irrelevant. Some have seen a breed in many different countries, while others have only seen a breed in the United States, so there are always variations in “eye” and education. Some will pay special attention to judges who have made a particular study of their breed, while giving less weight to the opinions of judges who take a more generic approach.


SCOA’s Judge Education Committee prefers to look at the Spinone Italiano as a puzzle. All of the pieces are important, and they all fit together to make the whole dog. All are welcome to this informative presentation.




Canine Nutrition Health Seminar

Vienna Zuccaro, CN

Vienna Zuccaro is a certified canine nutritionist whose foray into natural pet health began when her dog Tristan was diagnosed with auto-immune disease and near the brink of death from a months-long battle with IBS. Vienna started researching alternative therapies and after consulting with a holistic veterinarian, Tristan’s auto-immune disease finally went into remission. The solution? A quality species-appropriate raw diet. Tristan lived a long, healthy life until he passed away due to old age at 16

This would launch a strong curiosity for the science of integrative and natural healing. From nutrition to alternative therapies such as chiropractic and acupuncture, Vienna has a niche expertise in Canine Wellness which is hard to come by. It was this journey that led her to obtain a Certification in Canine Nutrition. Vienna will advocate for your dog, while taking into account your lifestyle, budget and limitations. There is no one-size-fits-all approach when it comes to deciding what to feed your family member, and as a result provides custom plans for every client.

Vienna can address your questions regarding nutrition for seniors, raw vs. kibble, Inflammatory Bowel Disease (IBS), chronic colitis, and diets for performance dogs, kidney disease, and weight control.


Bird Dog 101 Workshop


May 23, 2023 1:00 PM - 3:00 PM

Holiday Inn Weirton grounds

Presented by Jonathan Paranjothy, NAVHDA Senior Judge and Clinic Leader, and longtime Spinone owner, breeder, and trainer.  If you have a new puppy (or an old puppy) that you would like to begin bird work with but don’t know where to start, this introductory workshop is for you.  This is a no charge event and walk-ins are welcome, but if you can PLEASE REGISTER so we know how many people to expect that would be very helpful.


Show Handling 101

Wendy Evans

Learn the basics of the show ring from a professional handler, and have a chance to practice in the ring with other dogs.

All are welcome!


Breed Education Seminar with Dr. Ludovica Salamon (DVM) of Pavia, Italy.

Dr. Ludovica Salamon, our National Specialty judge, will be speaking with us about the Spinone as a breed: its form, its function, and its purpose. This is a “can’t miss” opportunity for anyone who considers themselves a student of the breed.

Dr. Salamon has owned multiple breeds, and has bred Irish Wolfhounds, Giant and Miniature Schnauzers, Gordon Setters, and Italian Spinoni. With her future husband, Dr. Michele Ivaldi, she purchased her first show Gordon Setters and registered the prefix LUDSTAR with the Italian Kennel Club (ENCI). The dogs she has bred and or owned have won 25 World FCI Titles. Dr. Salamon is also a horse rider at the National level in the world of show jumping.

In 2001, together with her husband, she started to breed Italian Spinoni and has had seven litters to date. Ludstar Spinoni has earned Italian, American, International, European, and World champion titles. Approved to judge Irish Wolfhounds since 1999 and Gordon Setters since 2000, she is now a judge for all the FCI Group 10 (sighthounds) and of the FCI Group 7 (pointing dogs). To date she has judged Spinoni many times in Italy at Championship Shows and Specialty Shows.

As a Veterinarian, Dr. Salamon specializes in reproduction, and also took part in the research on Cerebellar Ataxia and Epilepsy in Italian Spinoni cooperating with Italian, British, and Finnish laboratories.

This presentation provides a unique opportunity to learn from a breed expert, and all are welcome!




Annual Business/Members’ Meeting


This is an opportunity to gather in person and discuss the future of our breed and our club as well as for members of the Board to share what they are working on and answer questions from the floor. We cannot conduct business unless we have a quorum so we encourage every SCOA member to plan to attend. Come out and make your voice heard! Please remember this club is run by volunteers and courtesy and consideration is important. See you there!


Deadline to order merchandise to be picked up at the NS is 5/5/2023

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