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TWO AKC HUNT TESTS & TWO AKC WATER TESTS in ONE DAY – Open to all pointing breeds

AKC Hunt Premium with Entry


Saturday May 21st, 2022

Judges for the AKC Hunt Tests: Steve Arms, Karen Beyer, Laura Myles, Larry Schwerdt


Please note that the AKC Hunt Tests will have limited capacity and the tests will close when entry limits are reached.


HUNT TEST ENTRIES CLOSE: This information will be announced when the premium list is published approximately 6 weeks prior to the testing date; check back here for updates.

Hunt Test Secretary: Becky Tevis (702-237-3362) [email protected] ; Alyssa Pease (703-403-2765) [email protected] Hunt Test Chair: Alan Bush (360) 460-3202 or [email protected]



D&K Wildlife Ranch, 41544 Upper Calapooia Dr., Sweet Home, OR 97386

Directions: D&K Wildlife Ranch is only 22.2 miles (38 minutes) from the Best Western hotel. Start out going southeast on Mullins Dr. then in 0.17 miles: Take the 3rd right onto N Santiam Hwy/US-20 E. Continue to follow US-20 E. US-20 E is just past Twin Oaks Ave then in 14.19 miles: Turn right onto 1St Ave. 1St Ave is just past Osage St. If you are on Main St and reach Pleasant Valley Rd you've gone a little too far. In 0.29 miles: Take the 2nd right onto W Holley Rd/Over the Rivers & Through the Woods Scenic Byway/OR-228. Continue to follow Over the Rivers & Through the Woods Scenic Byway/OR-228. Over the Rivers & Through the Woods Scenic Byway is 0.1 miles past Nandina St. If you reach Hawthorne St you've gone about 0.1 miles too far. Then in 4.31 miles: Turn left onto Upper Calapooia Dr. Upper Calapooia Dr is just past Mcqueen Dr. If you reach Crescent Hill Rd you've gone about 0.6 miles too far. Then in 3.27 miles: arrive 41544 Upper Calapooia Dr, Sweet Home, OR 97386-9625, 41544 UPPER CALAPOOIA DR. Your destination is 0.5 miles past Nichol Dr.


Pre-order Deadline to be picked up at the NS is April 15, 2022

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