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I grew up with German Shorthairs, and GWP's.  My parents were active hunters. They also showed first their German Shorthairs, then later their GWP's in both conformation and obedience.    We grew up taking it for granted that a "hunting" dog was also a "show" dog.   Thus the ideal of the "dual" dog has been pretty well ingrained from the get go.

I have hunted over, bred, trained & competed with GSP, GWP and Gordon Setters since the early 70's.  My husband and I have been breeding GWP's and Gordon Setters and the occasional Standard Wirehaired Dachshund under the Inverness prefix since 1978.  We enjoy hunting with our wirehairs as well as having them as companions and part of our family, and expect them to finish in the breed ring.

The saying that "form follows function" is ever so true for a sporting dog.  A sporting dog must be able to move correctly, have proper coat to protect the dog in the field, and be sound both mentally and physically in order to be a successful hunting dog and companion.  Health testing is important to us, and we test our dogs per the GWP parent club CHIC recommendations. Currently we own/bred 9 CHIC GWP's.

As of 2015 I am approved to judge GWP, GSP, Gordon & Irish Setters, and have  regular status for All breed Junior Showmanship.  I will be applying for additional breeds in 2021-covid pandemic permitting.  

FYI, for those of you looking up my past field assignments, my old number for Pointing Dog Field Trials and Hunt Tests was Z2417 but voila! This has apparently now been combined into the one number #48767 and merged with the conformation! 

Prior to judging Hunt Tests, I ran my forever favorite GSP (FC Ammertal Marshland Sinner, MH) in field trials and hunt tests, and began judging pointing dog field trials. I have judged Hunt Tests since the AKC began to offer this event, and judged National Hunt Tests for the Wirehaired Pointing Griffons, Italian Spinone, German Wirehaired Pointers with the English Setter Assoc of America in Sept 21, along with the GWPCA Natl HT again this year.  

I am a Breeder of Merit, active in parent club events, am an approved parent club mentor/JEC for the GWP's and am Show Chair for Whidbey Island KC.  I have had various other club positions over the past ten years both at a specialty level and all Breed Club. 


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