junior showmanship
Junior Showmanship

Junior Showmanship competition will be offered at both the Parent Specialty and the National Specialty. Junior Showmanship is a special competition for young people ages 9 to 18, where the handler (not the dog) is judged based on showmanship. To learn more about Junior Showmanship or to request an AKC Junior Handler number, go to www.akc.org/events/junior-showmanship.

In order to be eligible for certain year-end awards, juniors must also be SCOA members. Becoming a SCOA junior member is a great way for young people to get connected with the club without the responsibilities of full membership. Please note that juniors need to have their own memberships as they are not included in the household memberships their parents may have. To learn more, go to www.spinoneclubofamerica.com/About-SCOA/Membership.

If you have questions or comments about Junior Showmanship, feel free to email the Junior Showmanship Committee at [email protected].


Pre-order Deadline to be picked up at the NS is April 15, 2022

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