Tuesday, June 4th

Field/Performance First Aid & Bloat Workshop

First aid in the field in regards to
1. Lacerations and lacerations with arterial bleeding.
2. Disinfecting wounds
3. Use of stapler and or suture kit
4. Bandaging techniques.
5. Medications and their use for eyes, wounds, skin, and digestive use.

1. Immobilization what you can use.
2. Pressure techniques and muzzling for pain
3. What else you can carry in this kit.

Heat stroke
1. Signs of heat stroke,
2. How to cool and animal down

1. Signs to watch for
2. Emergency triage: passing a tube and trocar use.

Snake bites
1. What are the presenting signs.
2. What to use for the wounds
3. Restricting movement till able to get to your veterinarian.

Biography of Lou Novosad DVM
Graduate of Michigan State University in 1977. Have been practicing veterinary medicine for 41 years. Have been a veterinarian in the US army, an emergency veterinary clinician, a small animal hospital owner, and a relief veterinarian. I have been an active dog owner , breeder, and have shown Weimaraners since 1980. My breeding program has produced a winner of the breed at Eukanuba, the Top Sire of champion weimaraners for 3 years, and the number ONE Weimaraner in Australia in 2014 and the only Weimaraner to win the Australian Top Dog invitational since it was started in the 1950’s.
I started the Animal Medical Bags and made them available at dog show and dog related events. The Bags are for medical emergencies for in the field, at home, or when traveling with your dogs. My First Aid seminar will present the following information on how to approach emergencies that a hunting dog may be presented with.


Pre-order Deadline is April 16, 2019

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