photo contest
Photo Contest


We want the 2020 Calendar to be the best ever!

Photo submission deadline is April 15, 2019.

The Photo Contest will be held at the 2019 National Specialty Week in Loveland, CO. Overall winner will be chosen for a page and front cover of the 2020 SCOA Calendar. There will be a winner from each category. All winners will be the main focus picture on a calendar page and will receive a FREE calendar!

***NO PROFESSIONAL PHOTOS PLEASE…They will be eliminated*****

Please submit HIGH QUALITY (resolution AND print) 4x6 photos. For reproduction purposes, we can’t use poor quality shots. Also, NO HUMANS in the photos. Please submit CURRENT photos, and those that have not been used in previous calendars. ON THE BACK of each submitted entry: Please write your name, Dog(s) Name, Email, and Category for each photo. Do not use a ballpoint pen as this will cause a depression on the photo side, but let the marker dry before you stack your photos to send. No photos will be returned.

Questions should be directed to: Mary Campbell or  Gayle West

Photo Categories for 2019:

  • B - BIRDS (must have any bird in the photo)
  • I - INCOGNITO (costumed, holidays, hiding, etc)
  • R - RETRIEVING (birds, toys, sticks. etc)
  • D - DIRTY (we think you know)
  • S - SENIORS (let's honor our oldsters!)

PS: Please include PUPPIES in the categories listed, as well as on their own. We love to have a calendar page devoted to the Spinoni littles! Although they may not qualify for the contest, we need some baby pics for the calendar! It is a fund-raiser, so the fee will still apply. Thanks!

Cost: $6 for 1st photo, $2 for each additional photo

Make check(s) payable to: SCOA

Deadline: April 15, 2019

Mail photo(s) & check to: Gayle West 1425 Camelot Dr. Brookings, SD 57006 OR Mary Campbell 13643 391st Ave Aberdeen, SD 57401

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Pre-order Deadline is April 16, 2019

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